Break-fix Vs. Preventative Maintenance IT

Published by admin on October 5th, 2015

Break-fix Vs. Preventative Maintenance IT

Many years ago when i first started in the IT field I noticed that spent 90% of my time chasing problems. Seems that when people start out in this field they always try to keep ahead of the problems, But sadly more often then not its day in and day out of putting out fires.  I think for most, including myself back then, we create the perfect problem by having to many customers. who suffers? (besides your IT guy staying up all night either working or sweating when the next disaster will happen)  well the customer does. computer on fire

Here are a few recommendations as that former IT guy i would recommend to any computer user and/or business owner to always have in place.

  • antivirus with updates …avast, trend micro, avg and even microsoft security essentials are all good choices (no brainer)
  • A solid backup program both local and remote (i always recommend Enveloc)
  • spyware/maleware cleaner (spybot, malewarebytes)
  • never use POP email try to set as IMAP.  POP email is not recoverable unless backed up.

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