Camping Anyone?

Published by admin on October 7th, 2015

Over the weekend the family and i decided to go camping. Now to begin this story you need to know that i grew up in Wasilla, Alaska ( and yes i went to school with Sara). So camping means something completely different to me. As many of you remember Camping use to be a long trip to the woods with at best a sleeping bag and some minimal rations (and if you were very lucky you had a tent). Long were days where you slept with a bolder or stick poking you in the back! You awoke to a growling belly or at least you hope that was the thing growling. You promptly proceeded to (quickly to avoid shaking in your PJ’s) start a fire and cook your breakfast with the most important being some resemblance of coffee…. camping

so back to the present. After purchasing all the needed luxuries of modern camping (long gone was the tattered sleeping bag, mre’s, and coffee kettle). Now the trunk was full of sleeping bags, tents, coolers, battery operated lanterns, flashlights, charcoal, lighter fluid, lighters and last but not least computers (ill come back to the computer). We Arrived at the state operated campsite with all the luxuries including electric and water right to the campsite….. I soon found myself wrestling with the two three man tents (note only 3 people in the vehicle). After only a mere 2 hours my fiances son and i managed to erect some semblance of a tent. I dont remember camping being so much work. Anyways back to the adventure. We spent the rest of the day starting fires, setting up bedding and cooking dinner (which consisted of opening cans, and grilling store bought hamburgers and hot dogs). Oh i almost forgot we did the try to roast marshmallows which prompting escalated in to a marshmallow throwing war.

After the dust settled (at only 7:00 pm) boredom set in my fellow tent wrestler decided to play on his laptop. I watched with a grin on my face as he proudly pulled his laptop out and chuckled (inside) as the words “hey Jim there is no wireless out here” were spoken.

I guess maybe times have changed or maybe I’m just getting older but camping sure has changed. Because by 10:00 pm we were packing everything back into the car for the hour and a half trip home.

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