3 reasons using Revenue IT can optimize your business.

Published by denton on February 3rd, 2016

1. Reduced hardware costs

In this fast-paced world of technological development, it can be hard for companies to stay current with their hardware. Constantly keeping up with the latest and greatest technology simply is not an option for a lot of businesses, and as such many IT departments fall behind in terms of modern equipment.

In fact, Spiceworks’ “2016 State of IT” report found that 67 percent of IT professionals are prompted to buy new hardware only after the old equipment dies.

This is one of many areas where an MSP’s infrastructure can benefit your IT workforce. MSPs are known for keeping up with technological trends, as staying current with their hardware choices is simply part of the business model. Opting for managed services, whether they be a managed hosting service or even just outsourcing certain daily operations, can result in having the best technology has to offer without overburdening your budget.

2. Predictability

The person who said “variety is the spice of life” never had to create an IT budget. When it comes to how much your company is spending on IT operations, variation is quite literally the last thing you need. Predictability in a budget allows you to plan better for the future, resulting in more goals achieved for your company.

MSPs are great at making sure you and your company are never surprised by unforeseen budgetary expenditures for IT services. Most MSPs base payment off of a fixed monthly plan, which means you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll be spending on outsourced services at all times.

3. Allows your IT workforce to be more goal-oriented

The greatest characteristic any company can embody is having a specific, goal-oriented mindset. The entirety of your team should consistently be working towards the goals set by your business, with as little deviation from these goals as possible.

And while companies would love for their employees to be working toward progressing the future of the business, sadly, things come up that divert their attention. This is nowhere more true than in your IT department. The level of technology needed to keep a business up and running these days is extremely high. If you are doing all of your IT work in-house you may be opening yourself up to massive sidetracking away from company goals, especially long-term ones.

Although your employees want to be constantly improving the company, your IT department is most likely spending a lot of its time putting out fires that are hindering daily operations. Allowing an MSP to come in and take over some of these lower-level jobs will free up your employees to work on the projects that advance your business’s overall goals.



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